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videowhisper_caminfo test

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performer1 performers [videowhisper_caminfo cam="performer1" info="performers" format="csv"] online [videowhisper_caminfo cam="performer1" info="online" format="csv"] cpm [videowhisper_caminfo cam="performer1" info="cpm" format="csv"] tags [videowhisper_caminfo cam="performer1" info="tags" format="csv"] brief [videowhisper_caminfo cam="performer1" info="brief" format="csv"] studiox8 performers [videowhisper_caminfo cam="studiox8" info="performers" format="csv"] online [videowhisper_caminfo cam="studiox8" info="online" format="csv"] cpm [videowhisper_caminfo cam="studiox8" info="cpm" format="csv"] groupMode [videowhisper_caminfo cam="studiox8" info="groupMode" format="csv"] groupCPM [videowhisper_caminfo cam="studiox8" info="groupCPM" format="csv"]...

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Hello world!

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